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Learn why it is a mistake to assume that natural and organic products are inherently safer and more


This authoritative book shows how this mistake has misguided consumers, legislators, and government regulators, and has led to often-unrecognized serious health issues. It concludes by providing advice to consumers for more rational dietary and pharmaceutical choices and appeals to regulators for provision of more uniform safety standards for dietary constituents, pharmaceuticals, and botanical supplements.

Dr. MacGregor explains the mistake of assuming that natural, organic, and botanical products are safer than conventional foods and drugs 

In reality:

· Safety laws provide minimal safety assurance for  many natural products

· Organic foods are not safer or more nutritious than conventional products

· Botanical supplements require minimal or no safety testing and are often adulterated with      dangerous chemicals

· Food additives, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides must be tested to ensure that only safe levels are used

· The terms “organic” and “GMO” are often misunderstood

- Foods have been genetically modified for centuries and modern methods reduce the risk of harmful modifications